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The best ass whooping i seen in years!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMFAO

2013-06-11 15:15:32 by HatersNightmare

THIS has to be the best ass whooping on youtube!!

I switched videos after running into this one!!

The Illuminati Plans and End of the World Predicitons of 2012

2012-06-20 00:17:49 by HatersNightmare

Something weird is going on with the world we are living in. Its maybe the government planning something that they don't want us to know about or is it the world ending. I'm trying to get out a message that someone showed me. You don't have to believe what this video tells you but don't deny it until you have watched the entire video. Please do not ignore what i'm trying to tell you.

Let me get one thing straight here. I don't believe in the 2012 apocalypse but i do think new world order is coming.

The Shining

2012-04-14 13:36:46 by HatersNightmare

I just got finished watching The Shining and the end was pretty confusing with the photo and all. Can someone explain it to me.

The Shining

People of NG i know

2010-01-10 17:00:50 by HatersNightmare

DaSouthSideNightmare-He's my older brother.

Keastone-This dudes ends people ng career with just a post.Dont believe me?Than just ask uberebro.Oh i forgot,he isn't on ng anymore.

TheSilentSlaughter-The most vicious troll i know.

KingBooDaGhost-He steals flash games lol just kidding he'll soon start to uploading some nice ones on ng.

Angel-Kera-My older sister.And is so annoying,used to have a crush on keastone but it all ended when she got on his bad side.

Pakkid-He isn't afaid to speak his mind and thats what i like about him.His real name is Pac Man

DreOG-He instigates in rap beefs lol.

nggangstapimp-He used to be my enemy but now we're cool.

toxicdevil93-Keastone and pakkid hates him but im cool with him.

soulreapermarco-Still wondering does he want beef or end it.

urallmybitchesandhos-Supposed to be a thug boss but is in love with anime LMAO.I,ve never saw anyone this fake.

Broken-Needle-Newgrounds's wackest mc.Matter of fact he's not even an mc.DUDE JUST SUX.

Frinniekins-Broken needle's retarded girlfriend but her art is okay though.

But Broken-Needle's a faggot for blocking and banning me.It's bad enough for an 18 year old gets ripped by an 11 year but ban him.How lame can you get.

Well thats all.



2009-12-21 10:31:59 by HatersNightmare

My brother DaSouthSideNightmare is now on newgrounds.You should check out his ng page.This used to be his account until he got into it with someone and you know....gunshots sounded off.The people who was there recognized him so the cops came to our house and arrested him.He went to the juvenile center cause he only 14 but was 13 when it happened.He didn't kill the guy though and his time was shortened because it was self defense.Well his ng account link is at the begining(its the link of course)

Happy Holidays

KFC Offers free fried chicken

2009-11-07 19:42:21 by HatersNightmare

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Gonna Get me some chicken lol

Fuck Broken Needle

2009-10-30 21:40:57 by HatersNightmare


Fuck Broken Needle

Gucci Mane-On Deck

2009-10-12 09:29:13 by HatersNightmare

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Swaggerhood on Deck

Gucci Mane-On Deck

Banner Theif

2009-10-10 20:08:14 by HatersNightmare

In case you didn't notice ______________________________________

Banner Theif

Drake Forever

2009-09-26 20:25:53 by HatersNightmare

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